Jalapeño Mac and Cheese

 ** This blog post is sponsored by Horizon** 

This recipe was a little out of my wheelhouse simple because I try to cook pretty healthy here in the Sailor Bailey household. Matt isn’t a picky eater whatsoever and he typically enjoys most everything I put in front of him. One of his favorite things to eat when we go out to eat or when I am out of town is Mac & Cheese.


Matt is so picky about his Mac & Cheese so for him, it’s a treat when we end up at one of his favorite spots that happens to have what he likes. I decided I would treat him and challenge myself to creating a yummy homemade Mac & Cheese that was full of high quality dairy. I didn’t need to add overpriced rare cheeses to make it delicious, all I needed was organic Non GMO, heavy cream and some high quality organic cheddar cheese from Horizon® . I love to pick my Horizon products up at Sprouts grocery store, they carry the full line and it’s often times on sale.


 This recipe has a little kick to it with the fresh cut jalapeños, if you don’t like heat, I would suggest opting out of them. Enjoy! 



·     3 cups of Horizon Chedder Cheese 

·     ½ pound of elbow pasta

·     3 tbs butter 

·     1 tsp paprika (I like to be heavy handed here) 

·     1 tsp garlic powder 

·     3 tbs all purpose flour 

·     2 cups of Horizon heavy cream

·     dash of salt 

·     2 tbs diced onion 

·     1 chopped jalapeño 



·     Cook Elbow pasta according to package drain well

·     In a large skillet or pan over medium to low heat melt butter add flour until it is slightly brown

·     Slowly whisk in heavy cream and let it thicken for a few minutes 

·     Turn off heat and stir in all the cheese, once melted slowly add pasta onions and jalapeños

·     Option to add in broccoli I used 1 ½ C of chopped broccoli florets. 

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