Garlic Cream Orzo with Mushrooms

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Orzo has become a new favorite in my household. It’s such a fun texture and shape and makes a great main or side dish. The nutty flavor of Orzo makes it a perfect canvas for so many great flavors. 

I always forget about Orzo until I step into a fun restaurant that serves it and I start to cook with it again (which is exactly what happened with this recipe!) I had the orzo served chilled in a pasta style salad with a sandwich. I just couldn’t get enough of it. 

I picked up a bag of Orzo from my local sprouts along with Silk® plant based Oat Yeah™ oatmilk, which is currently on sale through the Sprouts mobile app. You can download a BOGO coupon and stock up. The Oat Yeah oatmilk is great as an alternative for milk in any baking or cooking recipes and I also love a splash of it in my coffee. 

Mushrooms were also on sale so I grabbed some fresh mushrooms and hence this was how I decide to make this recipe! I wanted something hearty, vegan and warm. 

This dish is great for vegetarians or vegans but can also be used as a side for meat eaters as well. It would pair perfectly with grilled chicken or salmon. The options are really endless.


·     3 tbs melted plant based butter

·     1 ½ C Silk® Oat Yeah™ oatmilk 

·     1 ½ tsp starch 

·     2 tbs of minced garlic or chopped fresh garlic 

·     pinch of salt & pepper 

·     1 tbs chopped onion 

·     2 tbs parsley (some to be used as garnish) 

·     1 ½ C cooked orzo (follow packaging instructions) 

·     ½ C or mushrooms



In a pan, melt butter with starch to make rue. Once butter starts to lightly brown and thicken, add the oat milk in slowly and whisk. Add garlic, seasonings, onions and simmer on low for 5 minutes. 

Once orzo is almost cooked in boiling water, add the mushrooms to the water to get them blanched. Drain water. Add the sauce from the pan and mix well so orzo is completely covered. If needed, add some olive oil to the top of the orzo to help spread the garlic sauce. Sprinkle with parsley for garnish. Enjoy

 The flavors are so nutty and satisfying in this Orzo. It’s filling and great as a main dish or a side!
The flavors are so nutty and satisfying in this Orzo. It’s filling and great as a main dish or a side!

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