Overnight Oats

Recipe (serves 2 so share or save for the other half for the next day)

2 bananas sliced into coins (I like mine a little green still but any way is fine)
4 TBS of Salba Chia
1 Cup of old fashioned oats
1 – 1 ½ Cup of liquid (or enough to cover oat & banana mixture) I typically use water because the bananas make it creamier but almond milk is my go-to second choice.

Either mix or don’t mix (I am lazy so I typically don’t mix it until the next day). Refrigerate overnight and top HEAVILY with your faves (I usually choose blueberries, grapes and nut butter).

See that Blueberry Ginger Compote I added?!?!?! It’s good on ice cream too! 

** Bananas are the KEY to my overnight oats, do not skip them. I am a weight lifter and work my body hard, bananas are great for muscle recovery, if you do not like bananas or are avoiding them for any reason this recipe might not be fore you***

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