5 tips to cut down on food waste

5 Tips To Cut Down on Food Waste

In this blog post I discuss 5 tips to repurpose leftover food.

With the recent events going on in grocery stores, I feel it’s necessary to talk about wasting food. I think a lot of us don’t realize there is still a lot of value left in the wilted produce or old bread sitting around our kitchen.

I have always been very conscious about for waste since I was a child. I didn’t grow up with much so I would scrounge for food and get creative when I wanted snacks after school. They weren’t very healthy snacks, but growing up this way made me appreciate what I can now afford to feed myself. I try not to waste any food and repurpose it whenever I can.

I encourage you to spread your fresh foods farther and try some of these tips. You will save money and it will cut down on food waste.

5 Tips To Cut Down On Food Waste


Are they wilted and soft? That’s great. As long as there isn’t mold you can still use them to make a jam see my recipe for berry compote here. You can also smash it with a fork and top on bread, oatmeal, cheese and much more. You can cook it in a stovetop oatmeal. The heat will wilt and breakdown even the freshest of fruits so you can certainly still use that witty fruit and you won’t know the difference. My other go-to trick is freezing them for smoothies or future oatmeal. Just toss them in a ziplock and they will be fine down the road.


If your veggies are wilted and slightly soft then they are PERFECT for cooking. Cooking will breakdown the vegetable always so if its wilted it will cook faster and still taste great. Zucchinis, mushrooms, broccoli, spinach, arugula all of these made great add-ins when they are starting to turn. I add them into tacos, spaghetti, chili, soups, scrambled eggs and casseroles. You can also freeze them for smoothies. They are still perfectly fine to eat as long as there isn’t mold or slime.


Stale Bread can repurposed. Slice it up and make some french toast. See my recipe here. You can also slice it into cubes and make some killer homemade croutons. Just drizzle with olive oil and seasonings and cook it on a low temperature. Another trick that I just did because the stores were out of bread, I took a stale loaf and sliced it up put it in a bag to freeze. I can pull a slice out and toast it when I am ready. You can also make stuffing out of the loaf or bake a bread pudding


Yogurts and milks typically have a week after the expiration date before they actual start to turn. If it smells or tastes funky toss it but chances are you can still enjoy it. You can add them to sauces, pasta, casseroles and overnight oats as well. Find my Overnight Oats recipe here . Cheese will last well over the expiration date. If it’s a block of cheese and you see a few mold spots, have no fear the cheese is still 100% edible. Just cut off the areas it’s starting to turn and throw it away. The rest of the block will taste just how you like it: delicious.


Eggs have a few weeks to a month after their expiration date before they start to expire! I would use them up quickly and scramble them or make some egg cups for meal-prep. But my go-to trick is to hard boil them and have them as snacks, to throw on top of salads, toast or make egg salad when I don’t want to waste extras. You can also feed a few to your dog (please don’t over do it 1 or 2 is plenty!)

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