Cauliflower Spread (Sweet or Savory)

Cauliflower is one of those veggies I tend to go through BIG phases with. I will eat it everyday on everything for a few weeks and then I don’t buy it again for a little while. Usually around spring time my local grocery stores start carrying all the fun colored cauliflower and this is when I always make my cauliflower spreads. They are super fun to incorporate into spring dishes and if you don’t have purple cauliflower in your area – no problem, regular works just fine (it’s just not as fun to eat!) . I have made this spread savory (similar to a hummus in flavor but a bit less thick in texture) and then also plain with mixed in honey or maple syrup and spread on waffles or toast BOTH are delicious so play around with it.

Ingredients (savory):

  • 1 c of lightly steamed cauliflower (purple if you want this color)

  • 1 tbs of tahini

  • 1 tbs of water (if the mixture is too thick to blend add a little bit more at a time until it thins out a little)

  • 1 dash of salt pepper and garlic to taste

  • blend together to desired texture and spread on toast, bagels or crackers

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