My Experience With Intermittent Fasting

My experience with intermittent fasting:

There has been a lot of buzz going around about intermittent fasting lately, it’s no longer just a religious ceremony it seems. Partly from the recent trend of Keto dieting but also from the claimed benefits intermittent fasting has to offer such as: 

·      Increased energy

·      Improved mental clarity and concentration.

·      Body fat loss

·      Improved fat burning

·      Lowered blood insulin and sugar levels

·      Increased growth hormone for muscles 

·      Lowered blood cholesterol

I was personally interested in trying intermittent fasting because in addition to some of the above benefits there was the rumor about how it helps with jet lag going around plus I was attracted to the improved mental clarity/concentration, energy and of course, if it revved up my metabolism in the process that would great. I had a long 12-hour travel day coming up for a vacation to Spain and I wanted to test out the jet lag theory myself. I started slowly; I would always eat my breakfast around the same time. To ease into it, I patiently (well not so patiently) wait 30 minutes longer to eat working my way up to another hour or 2, sip on my black coffee a little slower (or drink extra) to help get through the extra time. Next, I started to fast on short plane rides (1.5 – 2 hour flights). This was hard for me because I get bored easy. I have always used snacks as a way to get through flights and keep my mind sane. The short flights were super easy at first. But as the flights got more stressful, delayed I would get more irritable. Trying to wait to eat until I landed turned into a race against the clock, every minute we were late was another minute I had to wait to eat. 

Fast forward to my long overseas flight … I failed miserably. I ate the second I got on to my 9-hour flight from Miami to Valencia because I was stressed out and tired and needed that food to help me relax. Oh well right?! That’s when I realized snacks/eating while in the air are worth it for me. I was less stressed and less impatient if I had snacks and a meal on the plane to look forward to and help pass the time… I wasn’t hyper focused on every delayed minute and every passenger taking there time getting to their seat so I could land and eat – so I ditched this form of fasting quickly. I don’t eat a giant meal while flying, but I do allow myself some healthy snacks to occupy my busy mind and that is well worth any jet lag.

Now lets talk intermittent fasting in general because I tried both, during flights and while I was home throughout my week. Most people who do this fast for 16 hours or longer – that’s eating until 7 PM and not having calories again until 11 AM the next day. Some people do a 24 hour fast 1 – 2 x a week  (no thanks) and it works for them. I started with the 16 hours. I assumed this would be easy; I go to bed around 8:30 wake up at 5, workout out and get ready to work for a while and eat before noon… can’t be that hard right? WRONG. I started obsessing over the minutes and hours of the day and usually never made it much past 9 am – if I did make it to 11 AM I would end up eating way too much from 11 – 7 PM. As someone who had a binge eating history, this really brought up triggers inside of me and just felt like I was repeating my past in some sort of weird way (Restrictive calories all day to only shove ALL the food in my mouth later). I did a little more research and found that women, especially those who are thin and workout in the mornings don’t do well with fasting due to hormone imbalances. I also found that those who already have stress & anxiety tendencies, such as myself, are bad candidates for fasting. Intermittent fasting can worsen these symptoms, not only because of the additionally coffee most IF dieters intake but also because of the low blood sugar in the body during fasting hours. In my research I also started to see several cases where IF triggered anyone with an eating disorder in their past – so if any of these above issues speak to you, you may want to forgo the IF life. 

What I will say about intermittent fasting, I did notice some mental clarity on the days I fasted successfully. Even days when I am overwhelmed with work projects, I will go about 12 hours without eating without even noticing it (going to bed, waking up, working out, coming home drinking coffee and getting to work right away without eating breakfast until 10 am) on the days that this happens naturally, I do feel slightly more focused with a bit more energy however it goes away as soon as I eat; so what’s the point? I just can’t figure out what the big deal is with fasting; to me it isn’t worth it, but I am clearly not a good candidate for it. As with all things, do your research and ask a lot of questions before committing to a big diet overhaul such as IF. And to those of you who can handle IF and enjoy it? A huge high five to you for leaving me more breakfast to eat 🙂  



  1. Thanks for posting! I keep seeing intermittent fasting everywhere and was curious if someone like me would benefit (I’m insulin resistant so was intrigued). This was so helpful hearing it from you as I have a lot of similar tendencies. Not only am I used to snacking, but I feel like I’ve come a long way with my relationship with food. I was definitely that person to count down the minutes when I could eat again, obsess and then beat myself up if I ate too soon or too much. Looks like it may not be the best fit, but I know everyone’s different!

  2. bailey

    Thanks so much for the feedback Remi! If you give it a try do let me know how it goes always curious about others experiences . xoxo

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