Laser Hair Removal Q & A

Laser Hair Removal has been on my mind for SEVERAL years. It is expensive and scary because it hurts like hell! But I am Italian and a few other Eastern European ethnicities so I am grow a lot of black hair in the typical nether regions. My armpits can sometimes have a 5 o’ clock shadow a few hours after shaving them. So I finally decided it was time to get serious about it because I was so tired of waxing and it hurt so bad every time.

I had done it a few times in my early 20’s but the salon I went to didn’t seem to know what they were doing – I spent a lot of money and it was painful and yes it helped but it didn’t really do the job.  So I moved on and gave up – plus money got tight and obviously I would cut that out over budgeting my food bill.

When I decided it was time to get it done a few months ago – I was going to do it the right way, AKA not go with the cheapest salon I could find with doing little to ZERO research.

I hit the web and looked at all the salons that were convenient to me (close to work and home) and then looked at all the Google reviews, photos of the facility and read their websites – compared pricing. All the salons had prices all over the place, the best options were purchasing the packages (which I high suggest you do, it will save you lots of cash in the long run) but my plan was to pay full price the first go around and then decide on the package IN CASE I really didn’t like the technician or the facility (I like to go with my gut on these things and sometimes I need to listen to it more often than not)

I also called the salons that I liked and spoke with the experts – there were a few who were snotty and didn’t want to answer my questions or concerns. I got frustrated and then I was recommended Moxie hair removal – apparently they had a cutting edge laser that most salons don’t have or cant afford (its also fairly new to the industry and these machines can cost 70k – 200k therefore salons take a loan out on them… they aren’t easy to just upgrade every year!) So I called Moxie and they were so patient and kind on the phone they listened to my concerns and told me everything I wanted to know. They use the Alma laser (find more info here It’s a new laser that allows the tech to go over  a decent size sport several times (killing more hair follicles) VS the older versions where you can only hit a small spot once and hope it works. So this machine is known to be much less painful than others. AND it’s a lot quicker than others so appointments move fast (like 15 minutes or less). The Alma also uses multiple laser wavelengths vs. just 1 so chances are better you’ll have amazing results!

What you need to know: 

·     You must first closely shave any area you are having the treatment done (every time) so make sure you do it the day before your treatment

·     You need to go every month (you really cant skip or it wont work as well) for 8 – 12 months sometimes more depending on hormones and what areas) this is standard for ANY laser treatment.  Be prepared for this commitment. ** some salons have a shave fee – so bring a disposable with you in case you missed a spot you didn’t see, they might help you for free or let you try to do it without charging you.

·     You will be getting pretty darn close to naked for the tech so don’t be shy they have seen it all (especially if you are doing a Brazilian)

·     Memberships and package deals will always be more affordable so ask questions and do your research its worth it – READ THE REVEIWS and go to a salon that has several of them not just a handful **Red flag**

·     Be prepared to have cold gel put all over the area – and yes it will sting a little but nearly as bad as you would imagine. My tech, Sarah, calls it “spicy” and she goes over the areas real quick until it gets a little too “spicy” for me and then she moves on.

·     The hairs will shed over the month and not grow back – I saw results pretty quickly with my Brazilian and immediately with my armpits.

·     Laser isn’t for everyone – you need to have light enough skin and dark enough hair. AKA make sure the area isn’t tanned (legs) and make sure you get a consult before wasting your money. If you have blonde hair and they tell you it will work … Red flag …. It wont work you’re wasting your money and need to consider electrolysis and a new salon.

·     The area will be a little tender the day off treatment – so don’t go rubbing your pits or nether regions on anything 😉

·     You do need to budget in tipping your tech – don’t be cheap, they work hourly and really need and deserve the tips.  I have always been told that if it’s the owner of a salon doing your treatment it’s not necessary to tip otherwise ALWAYS tip if its an employee (this is hearsay but I have never heard anything differently after being in the industry because the owner is usually taking a profit from every service the employees are doing).

·     If you live in Denver  – Go to Moxie Hair Removal this is where I found the Alma laser and trust me it’s the type of laser you want on your treatments.

Moxies Website –

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