My take on CBD (Cannabidiol)

Marijuana and its medicinal effect,

a very taboo topic these days in the medical industry and the older generations.. Yes people weed is slowly becoming legal. Everyone has his or her own reason and out look on this topic and I am going to tell you now I am indifferent on the topic personally because I don’t really enjoy marijuana however, I have been around it my entire life and I live in Denver, the very first city/state to legalize it. What I am here to tell you about is CBD Oil and its effect on myself as well as family.

Let’s get the facts straight; CBD is not like smoking a joint and eating Cheetos for hours. One of the numerous compounds found in the marijuana plant is CBD also known as Cannabidiol. CBD differs from THC in a big way. THC is known for the mind altering “high” you get when broken down with heat and ingested. THC is what shows up on drug tests, it’s one of the main reasons so many people enjoy marijuana; but there’s a lot more to the plant than the THC. CBD on the contrary is not psychoactive; therefore the state of mind will not change when ingested. CBD does however produce changes in the body, which potentially could have profound medical benefits and why this oil is starting to make way into medicinal studies.

I am no export on this subject but what I do know is CBD attaches itself to receptors in the body and produces its effects.  Our body actually produces our own cannabinoids on it’s own as well, so this is a natural occurring process if you want to learn more on this topic I would suggest doing your own research and talking to a doctor who is open to alternative medicine.

When CBD is taken orally, massaged onto skin or even inhaled as a vapor it is said it will produce effects to help the body with multiple issues.

CBD has been said to help people with the following: Epilepsy, mental disorders, anxiety, sleep issues, headaches, stress, mood swings, muscle injuries and pain management. An antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, analgesic all in one oil? Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Some believe that CBD oil effects could be all placebo effect (all in our heads), which could also be true. There isn’t enough research to prove it t this time and CBD is somewhat of a new discovery in the medical world today making it a tough case to argue for or against.

I will say it helps a lot with my stress headaches and tense muscles; I would rather take CBD (placebo or not) then copious amounts of over the counter anti-inflammatories because I have a very sensitive stomach and they make me nauseous.  I also know when my mother was in pain and couldn’t take her arthritis medication (in order to have emergency surgery she couldn’t be on any blood thinners) CBD helped her manage her pain just enough to get by. She was really biased and hesitant, it took a LOT of coaxing on our end to explain to her she wasn’t going to “get high” and she wouldn’t feel any different other than some pain relief.

Another example, of where I have seed CBD help is with a family friend who has now diagnosed with his second round of cancer, this time being terminal. He’s been in huge amounts of pain and extremely nauseous, therefore unable to eat properly. He has since started using CBD (after a lot of persuading from his doctor, again he was biased and afraid to get high). He is also using marijuana on a regular basis as well as CBD and has made a small comeback with his overall health, put on a little more weight with his appetite back, his pain is manageable and seems to be enjoying what he can at the moment from the benefits of this taboo plant.

Let me repeat myself, I am no expert in this area nor am I saying CBD oil is the magic potion to help everything wrong in this world. I am indifferent on the legalization of marijuana as well, however I have seen first hand on how it helps people in different ways and I also know how CBD oil has helped myself.  So if it’s something you want to find out more about talk to your doctor or a naturopathic specialist. One of my favorite CBD products right now is BudBrothers  “Mellow Mint” CBD infused tea and their CBD infused  honey sticks. They taste amazing and are a very high quality product made in the Pacific Northwest. 

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