Bobo’s Oat Bars

You know when you get that feeling that a brand is just really cool based solely on their packaging and products? You know, kind of judging a book by it’s cover? Well… I do that, and I am not afraid to admit it. Working in marketing and the food industry for several years has made me pretty judgey (in a foodie way!). I have always judged a “bar” by its cover when I am shopping around for some reason, BoBos has ALWAYS caught my eye. It may be the fact they are from my state (Colorado), it could also be because they are from Boulder and I am a hippie at heart, or maybe it’s their adorable cartoonish looking packaging that made me gravitate towards them. Enough of being materialistic, let’s talk about what’s inside that packaging, the ingredients. Their ingredients are so dang good, it’s beyond me that they are low in sugar and only have 4, sometimes 6, REAL ingredients. So when I was asked to tour their facility of course I said YES.

I was expecting some old lady in a small kitchen with picnic style oven mitts on baking away… but I was totally blown away to see a very good-sized building with a medium size manufacturing facility all in one. Not only did the place smell delish, it had BoBos cute flair all over it. Plus the owner was the nicest woman who greeted me and I had zero clue she was BoBos creator, maker and owner. The entire staff was so down to earth you could tell the culture there was any food industry’s employees dream.

Let’s talk products. These little oat bars have come a LONG way. They were started in the kitchen of Breyl and her daughter Alex, AKA “BoBo”, her nickname. They were just cooking up a recipe in the kitchen on a rainy day and ended up turning BoBos Bars into a hobby and sold them to friends and at markets. Fast-forward to today and they now house 25 employees and are sold across the nation. They still have the 4-ingredient recipe, nothing has changed and they have expanded to a robust variety of flavors that I am overwhelmingly excited to try. Peach and the almond butter filled bars are at the top of my list.  The manufacturing side was so simple and efficient it was really neat to see just how little goes into these delicious homemade bars. They are essentially still handmade, all the employees add the ingredients, mix it, bake it, pack it ,and the machines to the rest. Pretty cool stuff. So if you ever see a BoBos Bar on the shelf wherever you shop, grab a few because they are a good second to a hearty bowl of oatmeal and I haven’t had one flavor I didn’t love.

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