Mean Girls

Hi guys, my name is Bailey and I am a mean girl….

OKAY WAIT not like THAT, I am no way like “The Plastics” or Regina George, I mean figuratively speaking I am a mean girl… to myself. I have done it my entire life since I was in Elementary school living the real world Mean Girls movie as my life…. Yep I had a rough upbringing, but I will save that for a different time. When I say I am a mean girl I mean I pick on myself, put myself DOWN, I am adherently modest and it’s an issue. We all deserve to love ourselves, who we are and feel strong. When I receive a compliment “you look so beautiful” I respond with “haha thanks rare moment I guess” or something really shitty to belittle myself VS TAKING the damn compliment and feeling good! “I love your outfit OMG it’s so cute”… “Thanks its super old and doesn’t fit me right” – me. I mean REALLY BAILEY?! TAKE THE COMPLIMENT.  We all deserve to feel special, we deserve to be noticed and recognized for something we worked hard on. I mean I didn’t just throw on ratty clothes and get a compliment; I actually worked on that outfit. I gave it thought I probably tried on multiple shirts and shoes JUST to get the right “look” I wanted so why am I cutting myself down when someone notices my hard work?

I do the same thing on Instagram, someone says (in person, the real flesh and blood not that bot like comment on the photo) “I love your Instagram I can’t believe you make your food look like that!” my typical response (not even kidding, ask anyone of my friends) is “haha thanks it’s easy, really I suck at cooking”  WHAT ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Why am I doing this to myself? You know damn well I thought about what I wanted to eat; I had Instagram in the back of my head. I put thought into every ingredient on that dish, I cooked it right (well tried) I plated it carefully… wasted a good 10 minutes and 2 gigabytes worth of photos turning it jusssst right to capture options. I later looked at ALL of them… edited them just a bit and asked for 2 peoples opinions before posting it up with the perfect (or not so perfect) caption. So yeah, I cooked it and I worked pretty hard to get that photo up and I DESERVE that compliment if someone else enjoys it.

I guess what I am saying is, stop cutting yourself down. No matter what the compliment is, take it and revel in it because you know damn well you deserve it. So now when I get a compliment I am actively trying to say thank you, I worked hard for it. Thank you I really tried to get my hair just right. Thanks so much I love doing it, or just thank you. We are so hard on ourselves and we really just need a break sometimes from our own self-criticism, so take that break and LOVE that compliment. OWN IT… I am working on it, so work on it with me.


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  1. Katie

    Love this Bailey! OWN it 😘 And ps…you CAN cook!!!
    – Katie

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